About OCW Finder

OCW Finder helps people find free online courses called OpenCourseWares (OCWs). Universities and other OCW providers can register their courses with OCW Finder to help people find them.

OCW Finder was developed at the Center for Open Sustainable Learning at Utah State University. Development was partially funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation.

Ongoing development funded by the National Science Digital Library is combining OCW Finder with OER Recommender and add social networking features to it. Learn more about this work by visiting the Folksemantic website.


Justin Ball is a software consultant and entrepreneur with a passion for Ruby. He evolved from C++ and .Net monkey into a python programmer and finally found Ruby. In the rare moments when he isn't writing code, talking about code or measuring his code productivity in profanity per hour, you can find him on his bike in the mountains or on the roads surrounding Cache Valley. Justin can be found pontificating at http://www.justinball.com.

Joel Duffin is an entrepenuer and programmer with a love for Math and Science. Joel is continually scheming about how to design and leverage software systems and online content to encourage youth to engage in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

David Wiley is Associate Professor of Instructional Psychology and Technology at Brigham Young University, Chief Openness Officer of Flat World Knowledge, and Founder of the Open High School of Utah. He was formerly Associate Professor of Instructional Technology and Director of the Center for Open and Sustainable Learning at Utah State University.

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